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Select An Event to Enter - Events Shown to 18/02/2018

This section lists the events scheduled for the next 2 months. For a full list of the year's races, go to the 'Events Calendar'.

Please remember that event organisers only accept entries from 6 weeks before the date of the race. If the event is oversubscribed entries will close 3 weeks before the event for field selection to take place. If an event is oversubscribed an organiser may choose to give preference to members from clubs or groups of individuals that promote TLI Cycling events.

   Saturday, 30 December 2017
  North West, Wales & Isle of Man  -  Bikestyle Rigid Turkey, supporting the James Berry Fund  -    
Bikestyle Rigid Turkey, supporting the James Berry Fund
Organising Body/Club: Manx Viking Wheelers & Zurich Youth MB Club
Location/Circuit: Nobles Park, IoM
Event Details: Categories: YE;YD;YC;YB;YA Distances: YE,5-10mins;YD,10-15mins; YC/B/A,30mins Max. Adult Male & Female; 60 min relay - one lap on, one lap off. Start Times: 9.15am, Zurich Youth Races; 9.45am, Youth Races BB up to U12; 10.30, Relay sign-on; 11am The Bikestyle Rigid Turkey Relay; 12.30pm, Presentation and Refreshments.
Event HQ: Car park behind the grandstand
Entry Fees: £2 per Under 16 entrant. £15 per adult relay.
Cheques To: Pre Cash Pre entry at Bikestyle Douglas, or Cash on the Day.
Rob Sorby
13 Cronkbourne Avenue
Isle Of Man  IM2 3LA

07624 431134
   Sunday, 31 December 2017
  North West, Wales & Isle of Man  -  MVW Bikestyle Hamper Road race  -    
MVW Bikestyle Hamper Road race
Organising Body/Club: Manx Viking Wheelers
Location/Circuit: Jurby
Event Details: Start: 10am. Distance: 25 miles. Categories: All from Age 14 and Older on the day of the event. Web Entry Only at TLI Cycling by Midnight Saturday 23rd December.
Event HQ: Jurby Parish Hall
Entry Fees: Full Members Only. Age 18 and Older: £15.50; Juniors: £12.50; Youth: £10.50.Entries Close: Midnight Saturday 23rd December.
Cheques To: Web Entry Only at TLI Cycling
Brian Johnson
Cintra, Alexander Drive
Isle Of Man  IM2 3QX

01624 628 748
Click for Website Entry    No Entries on the Day   
   Sunday, 28 January 2018
  Scotland  -  Doonbank Trofee CX  -    
Doonbank Trofee CX
Organising Body/Club: Ayr Burners cycling - QTS
Location/Circuit: Rozelle Park, Ayr
Event Details: The Doonbank Trofee forms part of the Super Quaich series, which sees all riders split into two fields based on ability. All results are published by age group, and our intention is to recognise milestone age categories on the podium. Each race approximately 1hr first race starts at 12 noon
Event HQ: Rozelle Park, Monument Road, Ayr, KA7 4NQ
Entry Fees: £16 for TLI members
Cheques To: Ayr Burners Cyling, but entry via entyrycentral preferred
John-Paul Baxter
44 Dundonald Road
Ayrshire  KA10 6PG


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