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Member Insurance

Public Liability

TLI Cycling 'Public Liability' insurance indemnifies Full, Day, & Event members where a member of the Public is injured or their property is damaged. It covers accidental bodily injury to third parties, and/or damage to third party property, arising out of all cycling activities except for commuting. (Commuting is defined as being travel in either direction between one's place of residence and place of work).

For the protection of Clubs, Full, Day & Event members, and for all those involved in the management of TLI Cycling approved and insured cycling events, TLI Cycling provides, through its Public Liability Insurance policy, an indemnity limit of £10,000,000 for legal liabilities arising in respect of claims made against an event organiser, official, or participant, that involves either bodily injury or property damage to a third party.

Events promoted under the auspices of TLI Cycling are provided with this cover upon receipt of a fully completed Event Application form; General & Specific Course Risk Assessment forms; and Police Authorisation where required for the type of event.

Cover cannot be provided for the promotion of non-competitive events, including Sportives.