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Points are awarded to the first 3 in each age category in events throughout the year. 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd. Points are calculated from the results that organisers enter after their event. Therefore if you think that your points tally is incorrect - get on to the organiser to make sure the results have been entered into our 'Race Results' section!

Leading Members In Each Age Category
Rank Name Club Total

Category YE
1Frank WhiteNorth Cheshire Clarion CC7
2Jet ToitNewark Castle Cycling Club6
3Katie LawsonSecret-Training.CC5
4Joshua HughesRhos On Sea CC 4
5Elsie SuthardWeaver Valley Cycling Club3
6Luke FisherNorth Cheshire Clarion CC2
Category YD
1Fraser CummingsMatlock Cycle Club10
2Daniel CosgroveSouthport Cycling Club9
3Thomas BrennanStockton Wheelers Cycling Club8
4Jody MillsHuddersfield Star Wheelers7
5Rocco SchumacherPro Vision Race Team6
6Albie JonesNorth Cheshire Clarion CC5
7Abbey ThompsonIpswich Velo4
8Charlotte KilroyNorth Cheshire Clarion CC3
9Elizabeth GrindleyNorth Cheshire Clarion CC2
10Isaac HughesRhos On Sea CC 1
Category YC
1Joshua JacksonMid Shropshire Wheelers 10
2Sebastian GrindleyNorth Cheshire Clarion CC9
3Oliver GatenbyStockton Wheelers Cycling Club8
4Joe Watkins WilsonEastlands Velo7
5Jude Du ToitNewark Castle Cycling Club6
6Bryn LawrenceC and N Cycles RT5
7John WhiteNorth Cheshire Clarion CC4
8Megan LloydHarry Middleton Cycling Club3
9Matthew SiepenSeamons CC2
10Oliver HodgkinsonNorth Cheshire Clarion CC1
Category YB
1Finley DouglasRhyl Cycling Club10
2Lewis DolanManilla Cycling9
3Nathan SmithBirkenhead North End CC8
4Aaron MansellPro Vision Race Team7
5Callum TwelvesThe Mi Racing Academy6
6Raphael TabinerNorth Cheshire Clarion CC5
7Ross HooleyLyme Racing Club4
8Edward HopkinsThe MI Racing Academy3
9William NealeRhos On Sea CC 2
=10Nathan SlackTeam RL360 Isle Of Man1
=10Dennis KayEastlands Velo1
Category YA
1Kieran SmithBolsover &Amp; District CC10
2Aidan LawrenceC and N Cycles RT9
3Daniel YatesLiverpool Century Youth Academy8
4Adam SmithBirkenhead North End CC7
=5Lachlan HackerNorth Cheshire Clarion CC6
=5James HarrisonTeam RL360 Isle Of Man6
=7Tyler HannayTeam RL360 Isle Of Man5
=7William CorkillTeam RL360 Isle Of Man5
=7Harry PaveleyInnovation Racing5
10Charlie McIntoshCycleways-SG Petch4
=11Jack CoatesOtley Cycle Club3
=11Jack ChristianTeam Rl360 Isle Of Man3
=11Matthew BlackTeam RL360 Isle Of Man3
=14Aaron LundTeam RL360 Isle Of Man2
=14Adam McCloreyNorth Cheshire Clarion CC2
=16Matthew CooilTeam RL360 Isle Of Man1
=16Melissa BoylinSportcity Velo1
Category J
=1Harry CainEquiom IOM Junior Cycling Team10
=1Benjamin ChristianEquiom Iom Junior Cycling Team10
3Tosh TeareEquiom IOM Junior Cycling Team7
=4Maximus WalkerEquiom IOM Junior Cycling Team6
=4Adam ScarffeManx Viking Wheelers CC 6
=6Tom TemplePrimera-Teamjobs Race Team3
=6Ellen BarkerTeam OnForm3
=6Daniel SowerbyEquiom IOM Junior Cycling Team3
=6Adam ScarffeEquiom IOM Junior Cycling Team3
=10Zak SnellUK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek2
=10Amelia SharpeLIV-Halo CC2
12Juan KneenTeam RL360 Isle Of Man1
Category S
1Thomas GreenMacclesfield Wheelers Cycling Club12
=2Thomas MazzoneHoldsworth Pro Cycling10
=2Ryan DowneyEllan Vannin CC/Appleby10
=2Red WaltersSotonia Cycling Club10
=2William DraperManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom10
=6James PeckhamSotonia Cycling Club9
=6Leon MazzoneHoldsworth Pro Cycling 9
=8Matthew DownieTAAP Cervelo Racing8
=8Chris KneenManx Viking Wheelers CC8
=8Jimmy BostockEquiom IOM Junior Cycling Team8
=8Nathan DraperTeam Wiggins8
=12Joseph DobsonManchester Bicycle Club7
=12Mark Horsthuis 7
=12Matthew LookerManx Viking Wheelers CC 7
=12Will CordenMammoth Lifestyle Racing Team7
=12Oscar HutchingsVC Equipe-Flix7
=12Will CordenVelo M Cycling Club7
=18George SmithVC Equipe-Flix6
=18Sam BeestonPro Vision Race Team6
=18Robbie TurnerManx Mtb Enduro6
=21Louis Thomas MessengerMacclesfield Wheelers Cycling Club5
=21Max MoylesPrimera-TeamJobs Race Team5
=21Matthew LuntSurface Design Racing5
=21Brendan DowneyManx Mountain Bike Club5
=21David CurtisManx Mountain Bike Club5
=26Ross ThorleyManx Mountain Bike Club4
=26George CreaseyUK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek4
=26Philip DowsonThe Racing Chance Foundation4
29Elliot ChiltonNew Forest CC3
30Richard GaultManx Viking Wheelers CC 2
31Jamie BlairManx Viking Wheelers CC 1
Category M
1Jonathan CarnallMacclesfield Wheelers Cycling Club23
2Andrew DisleyTeam KTM UK20
=3Steven Fidler3C Payment Sports17
=3Daniel CurtisManx Viking Wheelers CC 17
5Jon WhitePro Vision Race Team16
6Matthew BuckleyWeaver Valley Cycling Club12
7Ben TrotterMacclesfield Wheelers Cycling Club10
=8Paul LallyOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team9
=8Ben JoughinPro Vision Race Team9
=8Ian TaylorLeicester Forest CC9
=8Cal CrutchlowEllan Vannin CC/Appleby9
=12Ben PalmerSurface Design Racing8
=12Lee RutlandBike Jockey CC8
=12Darren MurphyManx Viking Wheelers CC 8
=15Brian TurrallTeam Wheelguru7
=15Philip GodfreySotonia Cycling Club7
=15Richard CurpheyManx Viking Wheelers CC 7
=18Tom BuddenSotonia CC6
=18Alexander KneenManx Viking Wheelers CC 6
=20Jamie Smith3C Payment Sports5
=20Brook ElgieSotonia Cycling Club5
=20Tim Benson 5
=20Mark BlairManx Viking Wheelers CC 5
=20Joel NewmanManx Mountain Bike Club5
=25Cole DrewsTeam Wheelguru4
=25Paul PhillipsIsle Of Man Cyclefest Ltd4
=25Mathew StreetManchester Bicycle Club4
=25James HortonVC St Raphael4
=29Ian Rowley 3
=29Mark LeylandSt Helens Cycle Racing Club3
=29Phil WilksSotonia Cycling Club3
=29Simon HoldenMacclesfield Wheelers Cycling Club3
=29Alexander Costley WhiteManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom3
=34Paul WoodrowSurface Design Racing2
=34Richard Lardner BurkeManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom2
=34Stewart WardNew Forest Cycling Club2
=37Mike BissonJulian Porter CC1
=37Jamie MeechanSouthern Freeriders1
=37Adam SwalesManx Viking Wheelers CC 1
Category A
1Mark HassallSurface Design Racing26
2Kristian ZentekTeam Chronomaster19
=3Paul GibsonWarrington Road Club17
=3Jeff PlowmanManx Viking Wheelers CC 17
5Thomas McCormackElement Cycling Team14
6Michael GlynnWills Wheels Cycling Club13
=7David SweetmanManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom10
=7Matthew NorrisMud Sweat n Gears CC10
=9Leslie CorranManx Mountain Bike Club9
=9David BrattPro Vision Race Team9
=9Rowan HornerVC St Raphael9
=9Elliot BaxterManx Viking Wheelers CC 9
=13Grzegorz GacekNowotarski Klub Kolarski8
=13Nigel TebayManx Viking Wheelers CC 8
=13Paul Baptist3C Payment Sports8
=13Rob SorbyManx Viking Wheelers CC 8
=13Christopher QuinOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team8
=18Lee CrossthwaiteMacclesfield Wheelers Cycling Club7
=18Mark ValentinePoole Wheelers CC7
=20Damien O’toole 6
=20Andrew JowettManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom6
=20Nick AustinSotonia Cycling Club6
=23Marcus AttridgeBike Jockey CC5
=23Martin HallManx Viking Wheelers CC 5
=23Richard ThomasManx Viking Wheelers CC 5
=23Stuart PercivalSunSport Velo Cycling Club5
=27Julian SnookBournemouth Jubilee Wheelers4
=27Peter BradleyManx Viking Wheelers CC 4
=27Simon SkillicornManx Viking Wheelers CC 4
=30John CoppellManx Viking Wheelers CC 3
=30Dave ThomasManx Viking Wheelers CC 3
=32Matthew HaddowManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom2
=32Charles LeeceManx Viking Wheelers CC 2
=32Mark Astles3C Payment Sports2
35Christopher HeseltonManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom1
Category B
1Simon BridgeManchester Bicycle Club27
2Mark HarrisonManx Mountain Bike Club23
=3Mike CloughManx Viking Wheelers CC 19
=3Raymond BellLiverpool Braveheart Bicycle Club19
5Gianni EpifaniManx Viking Wheelers CC 18
6Chris SpencerOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team17
=7Trevor KirkwoodManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom12
=7Stephen TalbotPro Vision Race Team12
9Nigel ModlinskySeamons Cycling Club11
10Andrew RocheEllan Vannin CC/Appleby10
11Matt OakesManx Viking Wheelers CC 9
=12Andrew TurnerElement Cycling Team8
=12Darran ActonTactic8
=12Bryan MoyerManx Viking Wheelers CC 8
=12Neil MorrisonManx Viking Wheelers CC 8
=16Rory CroneWarrington Road Club7
=16Gary ScottWarrington Road Club7
=18Simon SkillicornManx Viking Wheelers CC 6
=18Richard BarnettPro Vision Race Team6
=20Steve DringTeam Echelon5
=20Craig HindleManx Viking Wheelers CC 5
=20Emily LookerManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom5
=20Adrian ShimminEllan Vannin CC/Appleby5
=20Andrew PrinceStafford Road Club5
=25Jason GaultPrimera-TeamJobs Race Team4
=25Paul KneenManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom4
=25Tony WilliamsTeam Wheelguru4
=25Chris MitchellEllan Vannin CC/Appleby4
=29Matthew CoxManx Viking Wheelers CC 3
=29Paul CoulterElement Cycling Team3
=29Dan MurphyCC Weymouth3
=29Ian ShillingManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom3
=33Phil Land3C Payment Sports2
=33Stuart PeckhamNew Forest Cycling Club2
=35Eleanor DaviesManx Viking Wheelers CC 1
=35Kevan GellingManx Mountain Bike Club1
=35Mark Wood3C Payment Sports1
Category C
1Andy BennettOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team30
2Carl FinneySt Helens Cycle Racing Club15
=3Gary JohnstonManx Viking Wheelers CC 12
=3Neil WoodTeam Chronomaster12
5John NottinghamSeamons Cycling Club10
=6Colin HodgsonSt Helens Cycle Racing Club9
=6Graham PrenticeLiverpool Century Road Club9
=6John CrookLiverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC9
=6Mark FentonStone Wheelers Cycling Club9
=10Graham McEwanGraham Weigh Racing8
=10Guy WiltcherManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom8
12Stuart GrunsellManx Viking Wheelers CC 7
=13Steve OrmerodManx Viking Wheelers CC 6
=13Nigel ClucasManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom6
=15Bill YoungTunstall Wheelers CC5
=15Floyd WilsonManx Viking Wheelers CC 5
=15Kathryn PriestManx Viking Wheelers CC 5
=15Roland TilleyWeber Creative Interiors / Bournemouth Cycleworks5
=15Neil AudleyAudlem Cycling Club5
20Lloyd GoodsonManx Mountain Bike Club4
=21David RobertsMacclesfield Wheelers Cycling Club3
=21Russell CollisterEllan Vannin CC/Appleby3
=23Stephen Blaney-GreenKuota/Spinergy/GSG2
=23Leslie MarsdenManx Viking Wheelers CC 2
Category D
1Roy HolmesBott Cycle Team28
2John MooreManchester Bicycle Club27
3Martin HarneyManchester Bicycle Club18
4Steve DaviesOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team15
=5Chris TierneyManx Mountain Bike Club13
=5Kevan UnderhillWeaver Valley Cycling Club13
7Steven LookerManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom11
=8Stephen JonesAudlem Cycling Club10
=8Peter ShimminManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom10
=10Geoff SaxonPro Vision Race Team7
=10David FoxWarrington Road Club7
=10Philip BracegirdleWarrington Road Club7
=10Mark BethellMacclesfield Wheelers Cycling Club7
=14Chris Danby 6
=14Paul BrownbillPort Sunlight Wheelers6
=16Howard WilliamsGraham Weigh Racing5
=16Peter O'SheaManx Viking Wheelers CC 5
=18Graham StigantEllan Vannin CC/Appleby4
=18Jeff LookerManx Viking Wheelers CC 4
=18Lynsey ElliottManx Tri Club4
=18Ruth TaylorElement Cycling Team4
=22Colin WhitewayManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom3
=22Mark AdsheadWeaver Valley Cycling Club3
=24Neil SimpkinStafford Road Club2
=24Robert CranstoneGS Vecchi2
26Claire CavanaghManx Viking Wheelers CC 1
Category E
1Geoff RawlinsonSt Helens Cycle Racing Club20
=2Robin HaighSeamons Cycling Club18
=2Alan OldPort Sunlight Wheelers18
=4Paul MasonAudlem Cycling Club14
=4Harry McNallySt Helens Cycle Racing Club14
=4Gordon WallaceGraham Weigh Racing14
=4Carl TelfordManchester Bicycle Club14
8Jayne DickensVision Racing11
9Ken JonesOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team9
=10Steve JolleyOnimpex Bioracer Racing Team8
=10Keith BaileySeamons Cycling Club8
=12Tony VarleyManx Viking Wheelers CC 4
=12Sally WalkerManx Viking Wheelers CC 4
14Bob TyrrellDursley Road Club1
Category F
1Gordon SmithGraham Weigh Racing4
2Bob FordUK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek1
Category G
1Eddie FryerManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom2
2Michelle WalterBournemouth Arrow CC1
Category H - No Results Yet Added For This Category