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Seamons Cycling Club

TLI Cycling encourages all its members to join an established cycling club. We recognise that without the structure provided within these clubs, it would prove impossible for our extensive program of competitive cycle sport to be maintained. We believe that a good club should be non-elitist, and encourage membership from all age groups, and from riders of any ability.

To help you find a club in your town or region please enter the town or postcode where you live and hit the 'Search' button. A pop-up map will appear showing clubs in your locality.

This is a member-configured section. Any member from an accredited club that is actively involved in TLI Cycling activities such as race organisation can register and add their club to the locator. If your own club isn't listed, it's because no one from your club has yet bothered! Add your club details here.

    When searching it may help to include both the town of interest togther with the county - e.g. 'Stone, Staffs'.

    Or click here for a list of clubs.