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Points are awarded to the first 3 in each age category in events throughout the year. 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd. Points are calculated from the results that organisers enter after their event. Therefore if you think that your points tally is incorrect - get on to the organiser to make sure the results have been entered into our 'Race Results' section!

Leading Members In Each Age Category
Rank Name Club Total

Category YE - No Results Yet Added For This Category

Category YD - No Results Yet Added For This Category

Category YC - No Results Yet Added For This Category

Category YB
1Nathan SlackTeam RL360 Isle Of Man1
Category YA
=1Matthew BlackTeam RL360 Isle Of Man3
2Tyler HannayTeam RL360 Isle Of Man1
Category J
1Tosh TeareEquiom IOM Junior Cycling Team7
=2Harry CainEquiom IOM Junior Cycling Team6
=2Adam ScarffeManx Viking Wheelers CC 6
4Benjamin ChristianEquiom Iom Junior Cycling Team5
=5Tom TemplePrimera-Teamjobs Race Team3
=5Daniel SowerbyEquiom IOM Junior Cycling Team3
=7Zak SnellUK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek2
=7Amelia SharpeLIV-Halo CC2
=9Juan KneenTeam RL360 Isle Of Man1
=9Ellen BarkerTeam OnForm1
Category S
=1Thomas MazzoneHoldsworth Pro Cycling10
=1Red WaltersSotonia Cycling Club10
=3Leon MazzoneHoldsworth Pro Cycling 9
=3James PeckhamSotonia Cycling Club9
=5Matthew DownieTAAP Cervelo Racing8
=5Nathan DraperTeam Wiggins8
=7Oscar HutchingsVC Equipe-Flix7
=7Matthew LookerManx Viking Wheelers CC 7
=9Robbie TurnerManx Mtb Enduro6
=9George SmithVC Equipe-Flix6
=11Max MoylesPrimera-TeamJobs Race Team5
=11Chris KneenManx Viking Wheelers CC5
=13Ryan DowneyEllan Vannin CC/Appleby4
=13George CreaseyUK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek4
=15Elliot ChiltonNew Forest CC3
=15David CurtisManx Mountain Bike Club3
17Richard GaultManx Viking Wheelers CC 2
=18William DraperManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom1
=18Jamie BlairManx Viking Wheelers CC 1
Category M
1Daniel CurtisManx Viking Wheelers CC 13
=2Ian TaylorLeicester Forest CC9
=2Cal CrutchlowEllan Vannin CC/Appleby9
=4Lee RutlandBike Jockey CC8
=4Darren MurphyManx Viking Wheelers CC 8
=6Richard CurpheyManx Viking Wheelers CC 7
=6Philip GodfreySotonia Cycling Club7
=8Tom BuddenSotonia CC6
=8Alexander KneenManx Viking Wheelers CC 6
=10Brook ElgieSotonia Cycling Club5
=10Mark BlairManx Viking Wheelers CC 5
=12Paul PhillipsIsle Of Man Cyclefest Ltd4
=12James HortonVC St Raphael4
=14Alexander Costley WhiteManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom3
=14Phil WilksSotonia Cycling Club3
=14Ian Rowley 3
=17Joel NewmanManx Mountain Bike Club2
=17Stewart WardNew Forest Cycling Club2
=19Jamie MeechanSouthern Freeriders1
=19Mike BissonJulian Porter CC1
Category A
=1David SweetmanManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom10
=1Matthew NorrisMud Sweat n Gears CC10
=3Rowan HornerVC St Raphael9
=3Elliot BaxterManx Viking Wheelers CC 9
=3Jeff PlowmanManx Viking Wheelers CC 9
=6Rob SorbyManx Viking Wheelers CC 8
=6Grzegorz GacekNowotarski Klub Kolarski8
8Mark ValentinePoole Wheelers CC7
=9Damien O’toole 6
=9Nick AustinSotonia Cycling Club6
=11Marcus AttridgeBike Jockey CC5
=11Martin HallManx Viking Wheelers CC 5
=13Julian SnookBournemouth Jubilee Wheelers4
=13Simon SkillicornManx Viking Wheelers CC 4
15John CoppellManx Viking Wheelers CC 3
16Charles LeeceManx Viking Wheelers CC 2
=17Nigel TebayManx Viking Wheelers CC 1
=17Christopher HeseltonManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom1
Category B
1Mark HarrisonManx Mountain Bike Club15
=2Trevor KirkwoodManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom12
=2Mike CloughManx Viking Wheelers CC 12
4Andrew RocheEllan Vannin CC/Appleby10
=5Gianni EpifaniManx Viking Wheelers CC 9
=5Matt OakesManx Viking Wheelers CC 9
7Bryan MoyerManx Viking Wheelers CC 8
=8Steve DringTeam Echelon5
=8Adrian ShimminEllan Vannin CC/Appleby5
=8Emily LookerManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom5
=11Neil MorrisonManx Viking Wheelers CC 4
=11Paul KneenManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom4
=11Jason GaultPrimera-TeamJobs Race Team4
=14Dan MurphyCC Weymouth3
=14Ian ShillingManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom3
=16Chris MitchellEllan Vannin CC/Appleby2
=16Stuart PeckhamNew Forest Cycling Club2
18Kevan GellingManx Mountain Bike Club1
Category C
1Gary JohnstonManx Viking Wheelers CC 12
2Guy WiltcherManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom8
3Stuart GrunsellManx Viking Wheelers CC 7
=4Roland TilleyWeber Creative Interiors / Bournemouth Cycleworks5
=4Floyd WilsonManx Viking Wheelers CC 5
6Lloyd GoodsonManx Mountain Bike Club4
=7Steve OrmerodManx Viking Wheelers CC 3
=7Russell CollisterEllan Vannin CC/Appleby3
9Leslie MarsdenManx Viking Wheelers CC 2
=10Nigel ClucasManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom1
=10Kathryn PriestManx Viking Wheelers CC 1
Category D
=1Peter ShimminManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom6
=1Chris TierneyManx Mountain Bike Club6
3Steven LookerManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom5
=4Jeff LookerManx Viking Wheelers CC 4
=4Graham StigantEllan Vannin CC/Appleby4
=6Robert CranstoneGS Vecchi2
=6Lynsey ElliottManx Tri Club2
Category E
1Tony VarleyManx Viking Wheelers CC 2
=2Sally WalkerManx Viking Wheelers CC 1
=2Bob TyrrellDursley Road Club1
Category F
1Bob FordUK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek1
Category G
=1Michelle WalterBournemouth Arrow CC1
=1Eddie FryerManx Road Club Team Manx Telecom1
Category H - No Results Yet Added For This Category