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Membership of TLI Cycling is available to everybody aged 6 years and over and costs £12, (free to under 18 year olds). Full membership is on an annual basis, with the year commencing on the 1st of January, and is mandatory if you wish to compete in events on the open road. Day Membership is also available for off-road and closed circuit events at a cost of £5 (again free for those under 18) and allows you to compete in a single event, or multiple events on the same day.

Annual Membership

You have the choice of paying online via PayPal (with the option of paying by debit or credit card if you do not have a PayPal account), or sending a cheque with your application form by post. You will be sent a membership/licence card that must be produced at any event entered throughout the year.

Alternatively please go to the 'Downloads' page of this website to obtain a membership application form which you can complete and post to your region membership secretary.

Day Membership

Day Membership for anybody aged 18 and over is available for £5.00 payable to the organiser of the event in which you intend to compete. For those under 18 Day Membership is free. However the event organiser may charge a fee to cover administration costs.When you have completed the application process, a combined membership and event entry form will be emailed to you, which you must complete and present with payment to the organiser of the event. Those under 18 will need to have their Day Membership application agreed by their parent/guardian.

Note that Day Membership is not valid for any race (road race, time trial) on the public highway. For events such as these you must take out full annual membership.

Also, Day Members are excluded from competing in any national championship event, be it on the public highway, off road or closed circuit.

All Members Statement

I understand that TLI Cycling is a company limited by guarantee. As a member my liability will be limited to £1 and I undertake to contribute £1 to the assets of TLI Cycling in the event that the Company is wound up while I am a member or within one year after I cease to be a member.

I confirm that I am not subject to suspension by any other cycling organisation, or that if so the National Executive of TLI Cycling on appeal has adjudged the action not to be applicable to TLI Cycling events. I also understand that failure to disclose a suspension can result in disqualification from membership of TLI Cycling. I also agree to and will adhere to all other TLI Cycling conditions of membership.

I accept as a condition of membership that my personal details as listed above are to stored on a computer database. I also agree that this data may be made available to TLI Cycling Officials and Event Organizers if necessary.

As a member you agree to receive emails from TLI Cycling about your membership or regarding event information that we feel is of relevance.

Under 18 Participation Disclaimer

This section to be declared by a parent/guardian if the member is under 18 years of age

I give permission for my son/daughter/ward to become a member of TLI Cycling Ltd and I accept that I shall be held reponsible for the payment of £1, as detailed above, if the company is wound up. I also consent that the information on this form may be stored on a computer database.

I give permission for my son/daughter/ward to participate in TLI Cycling events. I understand that he/she participates at his/her own risk and without liability whatsoever on the part of the promoting club it’s officials or members or members and officials of TLI Cycling in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered by him/her however caused, whether by negligence or otherwise.

I confirm that my son/daughter/ward is sufficiently responsible and experienced to assume full and entire responsibility for his/her own safety whilst engaged in a competition of this kind on the public highway.

Important notice: Entrants aged under 16 years of age are not allowed to compete unless a parent/guardian is present and has agreed this disclaimer on behalf of the entrant. Entrants under the age of 14 years are not allowed to compete on the public highway unless the event is a Time Trial and then only if they have attained the age of 12 years.