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Event Organisation - Introduction

  • No Event Levies!
  • No Event Registration Fees!
  • No Commissaires Expenses! (In Fact - No Commissaires!)

TLI Cycling would not exist if it were not for the team of volunteers who organize races under our rules and regulations. Therefore we aim to make all aspects of event promotion as simple and economical as possible, without compromising the safety of our competitors, while at the same time ensuring that we cause minimum disruption to other road users.

The cost of organizing an event, or a series of events, under TLI Cycling rules and regulations is zero! There are no event levies to pay for any type of TLI Cycling race, be it open road, circuit or off road. The only onus on the organiser is to inform us after the event how many competitors rode the race, and to send us a copy of the signing on sheet together with any day member fees that may have been collected.

The organizer must be a full member of TLI Cycling, and complete a membership application form, but for an organiser membership is free of charge.

Cheshire TLI Race at Oulton Park

The main objective of TLI Cycling is to provide age-related racing so that entrants are theoretically only competing against others of a similar ability. Therefore events are usually conducted as a handicap, or within groups split according to age. Although these groups may contain riders from several age categories, the results must be structured where possible so that each category will have its own classification.

TLI Cycling events are open equally to male and female competitors.

Wherever possible priority should be given to local club riders from promoting clubs.

Event insurance is covered for public liability (£10,000,000), employers liability, officers liability, and contingency liability for drivers of road event vehicles.

The 'Event Promoters Pack' is available for download as a .pdf file here  and outlines the various tasks required to promote a race. A Word (.doc) version is also available on the Downloads page.