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TLI Cycling National Road Race Championship - Race Stopped After Accident

Posted 19 August 2018

The TLI Cycling Road Race Championships for C, D, E, F, G, and H riders had unfortunately to be stopped today (Sunday 19th August) after an accident involving one of the riders.

A touch of wheels halfway through the event caused a rider to fall heavily into the centre of the road. and the accompanying bike marshals immediately judged the incident to be serious enough for the event to be stopped and the road closed to aid assistance.

The organiser, Graham Weigh, stated that under the circumstances, the event would not be restarted, and as there was no opportunity to hold the event again at a later date this year, it would unfortunately have to cancelled completely.

TLI Cycling would like to thank Graham and his clubmates in Graham Weigh Racing for organising the event in what turned out to be trying circumstances, and also the Bike Marshals organisation whose prompt action is to be commended


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