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TLI Cycling To Allow Use Of Disc Brakes In Road & Closed Circuit Events in 2018

Posted 21 November 2017

At the TLI Cycling National Management Committee meeting, which followed the AGM on Sunday 19th November 2017, there was a discussion about the recent decision by British Cycling (BC) to permit the use of disc brakes in events supported by that organisation in 2018. It was noted that the world governing body (UCI) to which BC is affiliated is continuing to trial the use of disc brakes in 2018.

However, so as not to financially disadvantage any of our 3,000+ members who may also be members of BC, the meeting reluctantly decided to approve the use of disc brakes in all TLI Cycling road and closed circuit events in 2018. We have previously allowed their use in off-road races and time trials supported by TLI Cycling.

The LVRC National Executive Committee has also decided to allow the use of disc brakes in road and circuit races in 2018. We are therefore making this announcement simultaneously. This decision has not been taken lightly, but not to take it would mean that TLI Cycling would be the only road and circuit racing organisation in the UK prohibiting the use of disc brakes.

This decision will be reviewed at the end of 2018.

Nigel Harrop, TLI Cycling National Secretary


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