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Member Benefits

TLI Cycling provides for an organised programme of safe sporting events so that all cyclists from school age to senior citizen can take part in friendly competition within their own age and ability grouping.

Road racing, time trials, cyclo-cross and mountain bike events are all catered for in our calendar. We even have our annual National Championship races where championship jerseys and/or medals are awarded to every age group (a total of 14 categories!).

Because we want to encourage participation, our annual membership and event entry fees are kept at reasonable prices. Individuals are encouraged to 'have a go' by subscribing to Day Membership which allows them to experience TLI Cycling events without the requirement to become a full member.

Although TLI Cycling adopts a light-hearted approach to cycling and cycle sport, we nevertheless adopt a responsible attitude to safety, and membership provides you with £10,000,000 public limited liability cover while out training and while involved in other TLI Cycling recognised activities such as racing, training and club riding. It does not cover commuting and/or travelling between home and a place of work.


Want more information? Click here  for a list of our Regional Membership Secretaries who will be able to answer any queries you may have.